365, make something cool every day [by zuggamasta]

Hi, I recently began to make a more or less simple render every day for now I completed two full weeks (due beginning on January 4th). I use Blender for over 4 years now and want to improve my modelling and texturing skills, through small and fast to finish projects!

1. Week
2. Week
3. Week
4. Week
5. Week
6. Week
7. Week
8. Week
9. Week
10. Week
11. Week
12. Week


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happy blending,

good luck :slight_smile:

All of these look great! I wish you luck on this personal challenge :yes:

so far, so good! Looks like you’ve got pretty decent skills all around, the trick will be to challenge yourself within the 24h timeframe…

Looking good! Do you have a job?! How do you find time to work like that everyday? I guess you’re a fast modeler/shader.

Do you want a tip? Don’t wast your time with little proyects that only fill space in your portafolio. It’s more important have one or two really good proyect that have twenty coffe cups.

make this in 3D

And you will be in the cover of cghub.

People do cathedral scenes all the time, the hard part of that scene is only doing the realistic humans, not the rest, which is mostly just dupilcation…

A portfolio that proves you can do good work very quickly might be useful for getting gigs/jobs too.

dude, nice work so far. I’m actually starting something like this myself, trying to create a character head each day.

best of luck,

At first I want to thank you all for your wishes and tips. I am really glad!

To my person, I am a 21 year old electrical engineering student from Germany. I could not find a decent school for CGI or digital arts and started the engineering stuff. I know that big projects are the classical way to show of modelling, texturing and lighting skills, but the main aspect shouldnt be the technical aspects but really the more or less creative process, EVERY single day, to determine wether I am suited for serious work in the creative industry or not. Improving my skills is a very big aspect, too. But only the recreation of nice light and archlecture won’t improve those aspects that much.
My models are to now mostly 2h of work. rendering with cycles is no issue for me (2x GTX480 + a overkill CPU and RAM setup )

Thank you for your support !

2h is very good. Come over to 3dtotal, we have speed and photo modelling challenges waiting for you. :slight_smile:

Anyway, now that you have a good workflow and no technical barriers, do try to tackle a larger project: a big bot, a scene of any sort, use fluid/smoke simulations. That should also tickle your creativity. :slight_smile:

thank your for your Advice I will come back to that later :slight_smile:

Something different today:

Sculpted with Sculptris and rendered with the awesome cycles render, I know its not very professional but my first okay sculpt so far :yes:
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Impressive stuff for a days work! Where do you get the time!?
But just some food for thought: if you give yourself only one day to do something, you’ll never make anything truely epic. Maybe after you’re comfortable doing this, or lose motivation, try taking two days per project. And when you’re ready, take three, or four, or a month! The important thing is to learn how to stay motivated and improve yourself as an artist while you go.

Hi! I think youre right - improvement and constant work is what makes good artist (to me). And being able to work fast, yet precise is one of the most imporetant thing while working (to me again). Its fine if you can spend 60 days on some great - great - great work, but if youre able to make “just” great work in few hours, it counts more (to me again :slight_smile: ). Take care and keep moving forward!

Thank you Greg!
I just take the time for the works from everything else ;), kidding. I just try to work very fast and efficient, I mostly have the whole thing planed out in my head when arriving at home from school. Or dig out some sketches/doodles from the last day.

I will go back to more complex projects :slight_smile: but for now I will kill it with the every day Project :wink:

btw here is a texture attempt:

These are made on a daily basis? Wow! Impressive!

All of my paid work comes with a deadline, so I think this is an extremely productive skillbuilding exercise. Plus all complex scenes are nothing more than a collection of smaller elements. Perhaps over a few weeks worth of days you could create each element of a grand scene then combine them all for a “big project,” even though it would only take one day to combine the pieces.

Another suggestion would be to create things that can be used over and over in the future. My library includes studios that I turned into HDR environment images, materials, etc.

Love your work. I’m a new fan : )

@ wccrawford: Yes I did those all on a daily basis, I spend approx 2~4h on each piece
@ see360: Another good point, deadlines I hate them but there is no way around them! I really want to convert my Lightsetups into HDRIs, too. But for now they sleep in their blend files :wink:

Here is my (updated) render for today:

I think this is a good project. For an entire year? Up to you. I agree that big projects have their place, but hey, you are doing something unique that seems valuable to you.

And this proves beyond a doubt that you can hit deadlines, finish projects, and work efficiently. Maybe next year try and put out 5 x 50 hour projects. Then you can prove your detail/focus/long-term work ability. I would say that would be a pretty good portfolio if the long projects covered all bases (lighting, texturing, simulation, topology, hard/soft modeling, sculpting)

Day 23, “Schmuckstück Part I” :

super stuff man…nice picture…I glad to see another Blender head :slight_smile: