366 drawings, one per day

Hi people!
I wanted to introduce another project that involves one drawing per day.

366 drawings project

The project involves just one hand drawn pencil sketch a day. I’ll ink all of them. When i can i’ll digital paint them (using GIMP, Inkscape or Mypaint) and maybe i’ll take them into 3d (of course if i can get some time.)
That’s all. I hope you enjoy it, because i will. :yes:

here’s some of them…
Please, check the blog for more. :smiley:

Love the style.

Thanks! The excuse is to experiment, learn and do lots of drawings. I’ll try soon some portraits too, and some experiment with letterforms. :wink:

Love the creativity. I’m excited to see more portraits. Keep going!

Some of the new ones. :smiley:

Thank you now i know it is leap year lol also nice drawings

thank you, i’m a little delayed with posting, but i keep drawing. There’s new ones by the way! Check them out!

Wow - they are amazing. It’s the stuff that post cards have on them on. Keep it up!

I sketch a day is something I have done for most of my life… (I’m 55) and it does make a difference in the end… just remember it doesn’t have to be a master piece every day… and if you do start on a master piece and put in 8 hours on it today then your entitled to a few days of doodles…

Just amazing, this one.


thanks a lot!
I’m very delayed with the updates, but the drawings are all in my sketchbooks. I’ll be digitally painting and uploading as soon as possible!