3d > 2d but still 3d (lol, help)

I am making a music video for Theocracys song Rodolph vs Frosty, and was gonna just make vectors in paint shop pro and use them but I thought, what if I could use blender, but still get that 2d cartoon effect?! I could do more animation and have different poses and stuff. So now my question: how? I don’t want to use planes because then I can’t rig it (also need help on).

thx in advance

Anyone know how?

take a look at this:


Look at the gallery.

Not yet integrated to Blender, but I guess you can find some build at http://graphicall.org

like this one for Linux:

That said, simple 2D outlines can be used to render scenes in standard Blender, by going to F10 -> Output panel and clicking on Edge button (and possibly adjusting edge settings).

Thanks man =D I’ll that that

Ok I’m really happy with this but the lighting is still not what I’m looking for. Any tips on better lighting? (2 lamps atm)


Non-photorealistic rendering also means the lighting and shading is simplified, like a cartoon.

what exactly do you want by better lighting? Studio lighting? realistic shading? :eyebrowlift2:

maybe you want shadeless materials?

I think I got something =D