3d/2d comp

Blender noob here, trying to make this comp look as real as possible. 3d chess set on a shadow catcher on top of a stock photo. Using PBR shaders, tried to match up the lights as good as I could estimate, and using an HDRI already. Any tips on how to take it to the next level would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.

Wow, that’s looking pretty good already. The chess board could maybe have a slight bumpmap where the different colour squares meet, as each square would probably be made from a different piece of wood with a slight gap between them.
To me it also seems that something isn’t quite right with the darker chess pieces, but I can’t really work out what it is, other than the shading of different pieces seems a little off. You might want to quickly check that you have used smooth shading with edge split modifiers to get the shading right without any unintended effects.
It’s looking great though, I don’t think you need anything more than minor adjustments.

Good catch. I didn’t have my subdivide applied properly to the dark pieces. Each square of the board is a separate object in an array, so the gaps between them are part of the mesh, but I agree I to make them a little bigger. I appreciate you’re helpful feedback. Keep it coming peeps :slight_smile:

Part of my issue is, because I’m so new to this, I don’t know the really subtle things to take it to the next level of PRism.

Update: Working on better materials and lighting.

You call yourself a noob? Maybe new to Blender… but man that’s looking awesome :slight_smile: Good work!