3D 2D Draw and vectorial mix for an illustration

I’v use Blender for this illustration.
Bump map and specular with a camera mapping for the projection.
The rest is made in photoshop.


I’ll made an animation with this room.
Soon !

That’s really cool. I don’t know why nobody has commented yet. I like it a lot!

What will the animation be like?

Nice work!

That is very nice, very professional and cutting edge, like the commercial work I see on the television. Could you share more detail on which part is what, as a pointer for the rest of us? Like, the room only in Blender, the drawings projected onto the room, or something like that…

Fantastic style. Love it.


Sweet! I loev all the colour


Yeah !
Thanks for all your comment.
This is for the room in 3D.

Are you using a background picture as a sticky? That is really cool as a setup, and I like the overall look :slight_smile:

Hé hé !

Exactly !
Sticky powaa !
Like that sooo mutch.
For the fact i used sticky mode, i’ll made an animation too.
in my futuristic town project…


SWEEET :slight_smile:
That is a model, or a photo? Whatever, can’t wait for the anim, herographics!
Bring it on!!!:yes:

Thanks graigomatic !

You can see more about the town on this post !

your illustration is great, I think blender is a great 2D/3D tool and I’ve used it for many 2D designs, and your cityscape will be very awesome when you add some really proper lighting and atmospherics. Right now the models look solid though.

superb! >.<

Your stuff, as always, comes together really well. It’s pure eye-candy, all the way.

Great piece of art…

Soo many thanks for your comment !

Moved to the gallery.


Moved to the gallery.
Yeah !
Soo many thanks.