3D Acme New 3d Model service info

3D Acme is a new 3D model service currently underdevelopment. We offer a very high royalty rate. The lowest possible royalty rate is 60% (going towards the artist) and the highest currently royalty rate is 80%. We are working constantly on the site to finish it. We will hopefully have the site up by next week. You can visit the info tab and that will tell you about the site and how it works. On the contact page there is a live chat. We would appreciate some feedback we will probably be on it all day. The site at the moment is a horrible mess but we are working on it and have not updated most of it (still on the main computer hosting the files). The only fully operational way to contact us is through the livechat on the website and by emailing us at [email protected].

The site link is : 3dacme.com

This is quite neat - it seems you are onto a winning idea! And having a site that geared towards the author of the mesh will no doubt mean you will shortly have a wide array of models, and then followed on by buyers. Well done!
I currently do not have any models, but will submit some in due course.

why are you playing the %60-%80 game? Why not a flat rate for all content? It just seems a little fishy to me.
Everyone hopes they get the %80, when in reality no one ever gets the 80%. it is just an incentive for people to upload. in all reality everyone only really gets the %60.

If you still decide to play this variable percentage game, I would suggest listing what the authors commission is on every item, so people can see that it is not a scam. It also may make the buyer feel better knowing how much is actually going to the artist. This might actually help you make the sale.

Just a suggestion :slight_smile:
I love the idea of having a new outlet to sell my Hobie projects. Hope this works out for you. i have gotten over $6000.00 this year, just selling my old unused stuff.

I understand your worries and I can assure you it is not a scam we are simply trying to give the artists what they deserve. If you would like the table it is below. (every referral you make equals 50 dollars worth of sales)I will agree with you it is hard to get 80% but that is higher than any other sites and on other sites the same amount of money needed to get the highest royalties. (All these percentages are non-exclusive)


Base 60% $100 61% $200 62% $300 63% $400 64% $500 65% $600 66% $700 67% $800 68% $900 69% $1,000 70% $1,200 71% $1,400 72% $1,600 73% $1,800 74% $3,000 75% $4,000 76% $6,000 77%$6,500 78% $8,000 79% $10,000 80%

We appreciate your feedback and will work to better 3d Acme. If you have any problems with the above table let us know and we will do what we can to fix it.

looks liek a very nice concept/site! might use it once you get it up and running :stuck_out_tongue:


I was not trying to say it is a scam, i was just “Thinking out loud” as an artist. If, and when I use your service I would be skeptical was all I was trying to say.

I think your payout table above is very fair. Looking forward to doing business with you guys :slight_smile:

Again I understand your skepticism and I appreciate that you make it open so we can clarify .I would like to update the progress of the site. Right now the forum is being uploaded onto the site and you are all welcome to talk there. I would also like to add that as of right now no plans are in place for there to be any kind of taxes if this is somehow impossible we apologize. We appreciate all feedback and suggestions!

Edit: Forum is up http://3dacme.com/forum