3D and animation in University

I’ve realized that I probably won’t be able to get to a level with Blender that I’d like to by just following tutorials and attempting to follow examples written in books. I think I’m enthusiastic enough to want to take a course at University level - Does anyone have any experience of this?

Does anyone know what courses I should be looking into applying for (within the UK)?

I would like to learn in as broad a topic as possible, I’d want a course that could give me skills in modelling, texturing+lighting and finally, animation. Does anyone know where I might start looking?

I’ve been to the UCAS website but that left me clueless. I’m going to speak to some careers advisers, but can someone offer some advice in the meantime? Has anyone actually taken such a course themselves?

Thanks for the input

one word: Bournemouth.

They have about 4 or 5 courses dedicated to animation, post production etc. There’s also a course in London somewhere, check out 3dworld, computer arts or computer arts projects…hang on a minute…dashes up stairs no, it’s not in cA projects this month.

Well, bournemouth is meant to be amazing anyway, taught by industry experts. I’d go there right now if i had the opportunity.

Word of caution: you may be better off going to somewhere like blue GFx and getting an intensive few months in with them. Their equipment, credentials and expertise are second-to-none in the UK (as far as professional training goes) and you’d have the benefit of being “ready” in a matter of months rather than years.

of course, you may find that blue gfx is actually more expensive than going to uni, but at least in bournemouth you’d get to surf too…



also, I note you’re based in Manc. Have you checked to see how many agencies/boutiques there are in manchester? my guess is quite a few - it might be worth trying to get an internship/work shadowing position there for a bit. Who knows, they might even pay you!


I had noted Bournemouth. I’ll look into that further. Thanks.

What is BlueGFX?

And for getting some work experience in an agency - is that something that you have experience with/is easy to get started in? Where should I ask about that?

Thanks for you help, I appreciate it.

Regarding experience, I would advise that you seriously consider this option first. You may wish to cold call pretty much anyone in the phone book, and from my own marketing experience door knock asking to do pretty much anything for free for a few weeks so you can learn what skills you need. On a tight job market especially with the recession looming, employers always have work, but are reluctant to invest in an employee, so you may have some decent chance to work quietly in a corner and observe what’s happening around you.

Just be prepared for some negative folks, for everyone nice person out there, there is one who just wants to stamp your foot and poke their tongue at the world, and six who politely will decline your service, but will offer you a lead. But the gem is there.

Have your portfolio with you, dress formally, this will reduce your objection, and above all, have the right keen attitude.

A good idea to start making a portfolio, I guess.

I’ve got a bit of sales experience, so getting rejected is not something I’m afraid of, but I also know how to speak positively and politely, so that gives me encouragement.

I’ll look into it.

Work experience would be ideal. I don’t care about getting payed.