3D Animal Rig and Animate ~120 Seconds

Hey guys we have a project due soon and i’m looking for animators to do some animation of 5 animals.
I specifically would like Blender animators on this project, but I have reached out to other animators on other freelance platforms for greater reach.

We’re looking for animators who can animate an African Safari animal (Lion with cub, Leopard, Elephant with calf, Rhino, African Penguin) for ~120 seconds.
The animation is of the animal doing a variety of actions ,for example:
Walking into frame, scratching an itch, sitting down, getting up and walking around for a bit more, making a little pose , running off. All the actions of the animal will be over ~120 seconds.
We will provide a script for you to work from which will describe the actions of the animation.

You would be animating just one of the animals specified(in the case of the Lioness and the Elephant it would the parent as well as the baby).

We can supply a model for you to rig and animate

Budget and time frame is tight though unfortunately, it’s not for a feature film , it’s for an Augmented Reality installation. But if you want to have a cool campaign to add to your Portfolio this will be one.
We’re testing the installation on the 20th of October and the first activation is on the 2nd of November.

For info on our company,
You can check out our website here:

We use support and use Blender :slight_smile:

I would LOVE to be a part of this. Im a blender artist, and i make animals and other creatures. This is my portfolio : https://bennielli.portfoliobox.net/
Im a fast worker, but i still work hard for quality. I really hope i can be a part of this.

Hey thanks for replying so fast, have you got any animation samples?

I do, they take time to render though, would it be fine to see them without all the textures? The mesh is the same and the rig. If thats not ok, i totaly understand, and i will render the animations.

What’s the budget for this job ?

So if you could DM me I would gladly give some more info

Hello. Here is my animated horse. Now I am working on leopard model. I like to make realistic looking animals and animate them. Maybe in future we could work together.

Big Regards, Olesya