3D animated music video using Blender internal engine + Freestyle

Hello –

Just thought I’d share this music video I made using Blender’s internal engine and Freestyle. It’s called “The Simple Carnival - Go Away I Like You Too Much” and it was screened at over twenty film festivals in 2018-2019 and won two awards. If you have red/cyan 3D glasses, skip to the 2:40 mark to watch the video in 3D.



This deserves some attention.

Really nice!!

Thank you, @janexx and @Renzatic!

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FYI – this music video is going to be a blu-ray bonus feature for the bonkers 1977 3-D martial arts epic, Dynasty!

I saw Dynasty in 3-D on cable TV in the early 1980s – it’s one of the craziest films I’ve ever seen. Here’s an ugly-looking, non-restored clip (warning — contains hilariously fake-looking decapitations) that gives you an idea of how off the wall this film is. I’m confident that the folks at the 3-D Film Archive will do a fantastic job restoring the film.

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