3D animation and Social Change

I would like to touch basis with people who is using the 3D modeling and animation (Blender or others programs) to communicate about social justice, social change, diversity issues, inclusion, minority issues, community development, the environment, sustainability, and related topics; and also issues associated to personal development, consciousness, spirituality (body, mind and spirit). I’m learning 3D animation, and also preparing a master degree thesis to show that modeling and animation are powerful vehicles to communication and social change. I would like also information about websites that present this kind of 3D material.


welcome. almost every topic is. or is 3D and animation somehow special? interesting study anyway.


wow ri-ri-ri-ri-ri-ta-ta-tat-a-a deep …

but, joke aside, animal farm has already been animated and - what positive social changes do you really expect on global basis while humans are still massively breeding and killing animals for food etc. justice for all?

You can’t expect social changes without the existence of a will to change, and thats what the animation is for. Don’t know any websites in particular, but I think its a commendable idea.