3D Animation Demo Reel Advice

Hi All!

I’ve just put together my latest demo reel


Unfortunately, I’m a bit unsure of a few elements. If anyone could offer suggestions on the following dilemmas, it would be much appreciated:

  1. The opening scene (“does that mean I’m on the team…”). I really am not too happy with the animation in this, but I thought it should be included in the reel in order to add a bit more variety to the reel. My main concern is that, due to the sub-par animation, it may tarnish the rest of the reel, especially as it’s the first thing shown (and I have often heard the phrase ‘Put your best work first!!’). So, in your opinion, should I just leave the clip as is, remove it altogether, or maybe place it later in the reel??

  2. Does the constant inter-cutting of shots work or is it distracting? For example, does it create a nice flow, having the ‘Monster chasing the ball’ shots dispersed throughout the reel, or should I keep them all together in one 20 second block and then move onto the next clip?

I hope my questions are understandable. I would really appreciate any advice or criticism on these two issues, as well as anything else that you feel needs addressing. I also understand that the animation is far from perfect and somewhat amateurish, but unfortunately, it is all that I have at the moment. However, still feel free to tear that apart as well.

Thank you once again!!

(P.S. In case it helps to know, I am looking to use this reel in order to apply for some kind of animation or 3D internship.)

Hi there :wink:

You’ve got some nice things in there!

I don’t mind the frequent cuts, though you don’t really need them -
but yes, I would definitely cut the first segment. It is just not as good as the rest.

I think (I’m no professional - just guessing :wink: ) you would be better of with only your very best work, even if the reel ends up shorter, you’d rather have 30 seconds of your best work, than two minutes of sub-par work. If you feel you need more, you could always showcase some of your best modelling (e.g. turntable animations), or perhaps have a couple of still images in the end.

I’m creating my demo reel and wanted to know what kinds of stuff I should put in it.

I want to be a level designer and/or environmental modeler. Is there a huge difference between the two? Can I add both types into my demo reel?

I have a couple objects that I modeled, textured already. Small things really. I went onto different people’s websites and took notes on what I saw. I noticed they displayed objects like, fire hydrant, wooden crates, binoculars, etc. They were all mostly low poly. They also modeled simple houses in low poly.

Should I put those kinds of things in my portfolio to show my skills a level designer/environmental modeler?

I really don’t mind working for a game studio, small company, large company, etc. No preference for me right now. I can’t be real picky. I’ll take whatever company needs my skills. Small, large, medium, it don’t matter.
I don’t think i’ll venture into the freelancer field just yet.

What advice would you give me in creating my demo reel so I can send out to different companies?

Thanks for you helphttp://cghub.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif

Well… I find that there are two real types of things which you should think about first…

If you want to animate games etc. you generally need to show a normal punch and a cartoon punch, a normal kick and a cartoon kick and other things such as, someone holding a gun looking on the other side of some rubble acting like a soldier etc.

If you are going for an animation job such as in Pixar etc. then you need to add different types of walk cycle and they love it when you show extremes such as if someone is sneaking on tip toes it need to show exaggeration. But you also need to show some real heart capturing things showing you can animate how someone is feeling such as in the film UP where you felt happy but sad in a way even though it was animated. Facial animation always helps with this too, I would say that if you could animate the face well enough this puts you above the rest.

If you want my critique, obviously I would say you are a 3D animator and I think you should just include one walk cycle of a human and maybe them talking if you are a character animator

I hope I helped