3D Animation for "Ground Penetrating Radar Scanner Effect"


This is a small and rather urgent job:

  • I have animated a car driving on a road in a town and require help to animate a representation of an underground radar scan.

  • The project will require an animator to create the object representing the area underground (below the car). The object “scan” will be neutral (black and white) and the need to be colored into a heat map / texture map style gradient as the car is passing by.

This will make more sense when you see videos and pictures of exactly what I am trying to accomplish which I have ready to link via PM

  • Also there will need to be a few second animation of a beam shooting down from the car that changes the black and white underground object into a full colored scan.

The deadline is Friday for the first draft, or sooner if possible.

Final deliverables could be a blender file with the object.

We can discuss the hours estimated and rate per hour via PM after you see exactly what the final object is supposed to look like.

Thank you,

Denis Kholodenko


PS we just deleted our old word press template today and are updating the new one so you may see portfolio projects and updates happening in real-time or some stock site relics. You can find some of our work on Vimeo to confirm legitimacy - We are a boutique production firm based in Los Angeles, CA

I may be able to do this if you can send me the videos to see how you want this executed. The link to my reel is www.pixelurge.com

Your portfolio looks great. Links to example’s below

Three Sequences Mock Scan Example

This is a gl render of my rough animation of the car driving through town and its overlayed on an example of how the radar animation should look and reveal black and white to color.

Block Scan Underneath

This is my tinker attempt to get closer to desired effect but has better renders of camera motion that will happen in the footage which is why the scan should be a 3D animation and not 2D