3d animation my company


I want to make a little 3d animation for my company who looks good that customers would find it great and funny off course. I have a site from my company but it is in dutch so I don’t think that you can do a lot with this site. I don’t know how I should do this anyone who wants to help with this project?


Anything more about the project??

It is difficult to explain, but the thing is I work for a company know and do the marketing and it is a great job but I want to blow them a way to make an animation anyone with funny ideas may help off course…The software you can imagine it as a business software who does everything for the compay…like buyin products, selling products, doing the finance, doing mailings everything a company needs…I have set a link of our website but it is in dutch to have an idea but maybe if you can translate it…I know it is a difficult manner but you never know :slight_smile:
I was thinking of the idea that the boss is getting frustrated and stressed because he loose a lot of time and then maybe somebody who is coming and show him the software which works better…It is just a taught…

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