3D Animation Ready Blend Files for Sale

I am opneing a small shop for 3D Animation Ready Blend files. This will be a help for new Blender Users. Just now 6 Files are in the shop. More 6 are being arrnaged. There will be total about 120 Blend files ready for 3D Animation.

Continous Rotation 3 Blend Files for sale.

Render in Blender Modeling in Hexagon. This will also be in the shop.

If you actually manage to make a single sale, please post in this thread.

Rather then making these random 3d logos, and ‘things’, I would focus on making some characters. You would be much more likely to sell some good, animator ready characters, then those things. (I’m not saying there bad, I like that green thing).

One character that parrots is on the sale. Another one I am preparing. Thanks for suggesions. These logos will be liked by web pages developers for 3D Flash Animators. I will sell transparent PNG files for continuous rotations on their web pages.

Please either change your background or your font colour, blue on blue is incredibly hard to read.

Good luck!

Thanks. Today it will be changed.

One New Page for my Blend Files

I don’t get it, these are simple extruded shapes, who do you think your market is exactly?

I’m asking because most people are capable of making things like this within a week of picking up blender.

i was wondering the same thing, maybe take a look at turbosquid the should have great examples of the level of finish that people expect in models they pay for. I wouldn’t pay for any of this.

Going commerical is a whole different ball game the expectations of quality and finish are that much higher.

Actually, you might try it through turbosquid. Your style is weird, but somebody could like it. I recommend you to pack everything you have into 1 pack of ‘cartoon characters and doodles’ and sell it for 1-10 bucks, which seems as a reasonable price.