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I have created 2 animations, what do you think about them :)?



Both are nice. Short and effective. All blender?

yes,all in blender :slight_smile:

Really nice work! I like the moving sparkle on the “world” version (should use the same one on the “cubes” version, but not moving the whole distance/path you currently have set… Shorter distance, and smoother, slower travel, with slow fade in and faster fade out. More “classy” if you will.)

The motion blur on the “cubes” version is a little too “blocky” (that is, you can make out the intermediates too easily.) Have you tried to do blur with the new nodes in 2.42? Should be both faster to render and smoother results.

On the “world” version, the transition from the globe to the screens is a little clumsy. Maybe make the screens rotate more, with the camera zooming in on one that’s initially rotating in from the left?

Man, its hard to describe this stuff by typing… I hope you’re understanding this… sorry so “wordy” :frowning: I do like what you’ve got, tho!