3D Animator needed for regular projects


I’ve created a blender pipeline for producing one minute animated stories where I write/model/texture/animate/render myself.

I started a social media page 2 months ago for the animations and they’ve been relatively popular with the demographic I’ve aimed them for (~500 followers in 2 months, ~4500 average views per video)

I’m looking for help, specifically in animating, since I’ve got more projects lined up than I can finish.

Currently I post a video around every 2 weeks, so ideally the animation work would be regular work for every project.

Some details about the work:

  • Always will be under/around 1 minute

  • I will have motion capture data, so the animation work required will be mostly polishing/cleaning/adjusting. Some new animation may be required but that won’t normally be the case.

  • I have facial motion capture software, so no need to animate the face at all

I will give credit to anyone who works on the project. If my content continues to grow and there’s financial gain, I will begin paying for the work!

I can provide more details if you’re interested.


probably you have money - like people - microbes - neighborhoods …

Just think why, hundreds of sketches look for you?..

Hi Sahib,

I’m a 3D Animation student looking for animation project that I can do to improve my skills.
Do you think I’m capable to help you??

Absolutely! If you want to message me directly I can send you a test project for us to see if you can help.