3D Animator - Underwater Film - University Project

Hello Comunity!
I am looking for a Blender expert who can help me with one shot on my film “The Coral Gardener”, which was shot completely underwater. I am a cinematography student with Filmakademie-Baden-Württemberg.
Here is a little teaser I put together:
Coral Gardener Teaser

The shot is a time-lapse of the dead diver at night.
I’ll have to get a shot of the coral growing on his helmet over time. (Mesh animation)
I have both a clean plate and a reference time-lapse. Furthermore I have photo-scanned the reference Coral in very high detail.

Please contact me if you are interested in this project!!

I think you need to move this post to the “Jobs” category, in either one of the “Paid” or “Unpaid” threads.

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Your project looks really good and im very interested, if you describe your wishes further, i would try my best :slight_smile:

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