3D animator wanted for simple science/physics illustrative animation

We are working with a tech company to produce a video for a conference presentation/press release. A portion of their systems rely on lasers and they would like to illustrate what we cannot using video: the microscopic physics their system is based on.

Total animation will be around a minute or 1:30 and will probably include animating 7-10 different “steps” in the process.

We’re looking for clean, simple animation/modeling style similar to what you’ll see if you search “Quantum Physics made simple Runswithscissors111” on Youtube (sorry, being a new user, don’t want to wear out my welcome by posting a link). We may make it more visually appealing with 3d camera movement/transitions or interesting camera placement. Our client says they have some 3d assets but I haven’t verified if they’re suitable for Blender or are some esoteric CAD files.

Deadline for the video is March 10th but we may not get approval for the animation outline until deep into the week of 2/24. I will be using pre-vis with the client so the animation can get roughly blocked out - in other words we’ll try as hard as we can not to waste time with needless revisions.

Budget is $700 USD

Please include reel or samples when contacting me, post here or in private message. One caveat is that we would prefer someone in the USA or someone very fluent in English simply because the animation is on a very technical subject; non-English speakers, I love you none the less.

sent you a pm.

Sent a PM!

I’ve sent a PM, looking forward to hearing back from you.