3D Animator wanted for video game project

(Starcrossedteam) #1

Hi !

We posted already in this category of the forum when we were looking for a 3d modeler and we are now looking for a 3d animator !

We’re currently developing a game called Love Me : http://lovemeofficial.tumblr.com/ Check out the “art tag” to see some of our 3d model & Concept art.

We’re currently working on the demo, the team is already fully composed and we have two animators however to speed up demo progress we’re searching for another animator

We’re looking for a animator who’s active and can work in team use either Maya or Blender (Note that if they work on Maya they’ll have to rig up)
We use discord to communicate, of course even if it’s a volunteer job as we’re all volunteers on the team we give full credit and the possibility to use your contribution to the game in your resume/portfolio/etc…

If you’re interested please send us an email with some work samples at [email protected]
You can also email us if you wanna know more about the project.

Thank you in advance, have a nice day !