3D Anime Project

Hello, people. I am an animator in training, but I have a vision for an animated TV show, called VIXRAN; a 3D Anime that’s a combo of Ninjas, Superheroes, Sci-Fi, Comedy, etc. It will be a giant loveletter to all things Anime from stuff you normally wouldn’t know about, to the modern day, to making fun of the various genres of Anime, and even references to classic and modern day Anime. I, of course, cannot do it all by myself, and only learned a little bit of everything that goes into 3D Animation thanks to a tutor online for seven weeks. Are there any good people out there that would be so kind as to help me with the project?

Any collaborations/ideas would be most helpful.

Where can I find you on Discord? Do you have a Server? Or is there a way to invite you to my new Server I just made?

Just give me the directions to find you on Discord and I’ll give it a shot.

I’ve sent you a pm

Try using vroid.

Sorry about not responding earlier in the year; do you have a Discord account? I currently use it to talk to others. I currently have a modeler onboard; possibly a Shader and Lighting guy coming up soon. Hope Ihear from you soon!

if you are still looking for an animator i’d be interested in helping

Hi! I just saw your comment, so now I’m replying with glee!

Do you have Discord? If so, I would LOVE to cooperate!

my bad i didnt got an notification for this reply. If you still need some help here’s my discord Husky#0369

Hello, how far along a concept are you for a series?
Do you already have a plot or a storyboard for a pilot?

I currently don’t have much. I have most of the concept in my head, and I keep getting newer ideas for characters faster than I can create the models. I DO, however, have a teaser written down on my phone, to show that it’s gonna be funny as heck; I even put in an anime reference in the beginning in the form of a mask that’s mostly famous in Japanese manga history. I also made a drawing for a storyboard for said teaser, but I’m not sure where I put it. If I happen to find it, I would most certainly show it here immediately.

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Hi, I would like to join your project. But I’m at the beginning stage in 3d designing and have not a big experience. If you like, I can support doing solid modeling. I’m not good at character modeling or sculpting. Anyway, good luck to you.