3D Anime

(heavycat) #1

We’d like some comments from the experts! We just completed “Project J3” which was to produce a workable 3D anime character.

We used Blender for the modeling, and GIMP for post-production. We might also have come up with a scriptable method of producing anime eyes (select color, expression, male/female, age, etc. press “generate” and there’s another character’s eyes…

Comments welcome, and other examples of 3D anime characters would be appreciated.


(wewa_juicyb) #2

I love anime. This is really good. I really like the mesh, apart from the pants… they seem a little… not cloth like. The eyes are great. How did you get them to show infront of the hair (or is that GIMP)? I think since it is very manga/animish that you should have gone for a more cartoonish feel (think simple colours and especially edges.), as is I can’t really tell whether she is meant to be a 3D char or a 2D char (The eyes are flat and the body is not…). One thing that I must stress though is that I like what you are doing here. Hope to see some animations soon :D.


(Riskbreaker) #3

I actually almost finished an anime head model. Im it using for CG CHALLENGE: LivingToons…which I screwed up in from the start :-?

The eyes in anime are one of the hardest to get right in terms of 3d.
I’d love to know how you achieved it in yours. My method involves a lattice deforming the eyeball instead of conforming the eye sockets to the eyeball.
*Sorry for the thread hijacking, but you asked for examples :slight_smile:


(cohort) #4

Does the first character have 6 fingers on purpose?

(Friday13) #5

RISKBREAKER: WOW! That looks so cool. If you still have the .blend you can finish it!

cohort: LOL, it’s true, she has 6 fingers! Maybe she’s a mutant! :o

Good work on that “2.5D” anime.

(0ptikz) #6


Welcome to the forums, It’s great to see more talented Blender artists emerging from out of the woodwork :wink:

Two Crits tho:

  1. The six finger thing (Unless that was intentional)
  2. You seem to have some aliasing artifacts in your render, have you tried rendering your pics at 3x size then scaling them down in Photoshop? That often produces nicer results.

Altogether it is fantastic tho :smiley:


Wow! You really captured some attitude with this character, I like him a lot :o

O - And are those Tool lyrics I see? If so ----Kudos----- 8)

(Riskbreaker) #7

Wow, I wasnt expecting any comments for me, this is after all, HeavyCat’s thread :slight_smile:

Yeah, Im gonna finish it :slight_smile:

This character? This character is a charicature of me!!! (although a bit glamourised :smiley: ) Thats what the CG Challenge topic is on (a toon-style of yourself).

Well yes…they are TOOL lyrics…thanks for noticing 8)

(heavycat) #8

Thanks everyone for the nice comments and compliments!