3D Anime

I am newbie with 3D design and I think this is my first character face that is worthy of critique. It is inspired by anime style video game characters like the girl in jet force gemini for n64 so the proportions are unrealistic on purpose. :smiley:

Not bad, are you using cel-shading?

this definitely reminds me of dreamcast games… doesn’t look like he’s using cell shading at all actually, which might be a good idea. even a ramp might make it look more toony

So far this is the best “toon” effect that I can figure out.
I am not 100% happy with it yet, so I hope to figure out something better soon.

it looks very nise

mnd posting the settings for this?

Thanks for the comments. Right now I am only using the ramp shader to get my shadows, I plan to learn how to use the toon shading this weekend and then I will post both pictures and settings for both shading styles and let the community help me decide which one will work best and what changes should be made for this anime project. If I get enough time I will start finishing the rest of the characters body also.