3d App icons

Last night i watched the tutorial on Blender cookie about making a speaker box, app looking thing(as i think he called it). I then looked at my phone and started modelling other apps just to work on my skills and so far have one finished and hope to get at least two done through the rain today.

Got the second one done.

nice ones,
but you could do even more with cycles.
first off. no camera has wood in it(i like the image just pointing out something)
and couldn’t guess what the second one is about??(looks like a tv to me).
another thing. app icons are not realistic and do not require much realism or any tiny details and they are quite a bit cartoony(but you can go for any type you want),
so rendering with the internal renderer would do a more faster job i guess
as you have to keep waiting for it to clear up and still there are fireflies(the unneeded dots)
at last some there is a tutorial on blenderguru.com that explains lighting and reflections so that you can get studio standerd results for your work.
i wish i could share the link but there appears to be a problem in the database or something.
oh and yeah. icons are square so why not move the camera to front and make it’s dimensions square shaped so that cycles don’t have to render all the remaining extra space.
overall nice work on the first one
but second one requires some more work.

I’m happy with this outcome for about 3 hours of work. Critique is always great.