3d architectural

Hi everyone, :slight_smile:

Here my latest work. C & C welcome. :wink:


Link for VIDEO: http://henriquezorzan.com/arquitetura/hallgaleria/

great , but try to change the color of the stairs :slight_smile:
good work , good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks 3dguru :wink:
when I making a update I change the colors! :wink:

Nice but because everything is so clumped in one corner the rest looks completely empty. Id space the stuff out and maybe add some more objects.

The window bothers me… it looks like 2d instead of real outdoors scene. Though if it is supposed to be somesort of modern artsy thing (painted outdoorview on wall)… then i guess its ok.

Thanks for the tips. I will take into consideration all :wink:

the scale looks off, like the floor boards seem too large, and the couches seem too small. The part closest to the camera seems too plain as well. The couches seem to be a bit too square and plain. Wall texture is plain (put some sidings on or maybe a floor board at least), and the roof is the same colour as the wall which I don’t think really works. The rug seems to be one solid colour, a bit thick, and too square (maybe put some frilly things on the outside or something). I think you should maybe put in a tv and a lamp. I do however like the reflectivity on the floors. Remember that the best computer generated images are imperfect though, because not everything in real life is perfect (like for instance a cracked sidewalk looks more realistic than a perfect sidewalk with everything spaced out exactly the same and such). There we go I think…


Not even you do not forget me and that’s the work of writing both. :smiley:

“As they say here who speaks badly wants an equal” :smiley:

But thank the advice :wink:

I think if it were not the blenderartists would be good friends. :wink:

Second image you see my, second time which is Problems… :wink:

The most amusing is that this image was requested by a friend architect for a demonstration he should not be so bad! Lol :slight_smile:

As already knows, sorry for my english.:wink:

Let me tell you, in homage to you I will post another image to hold in your comment great friend

Happy Christmas for you and family!

do something about the scene outside…thats the instant giveaway, even before one notices the low detail sofas, they prolly need some work too. Nice lighting though, wht did u use? indigo? The floor reflections look too iniform, did u use use frensel there?? If not, u prolly can.