3D Art Guy's 2022 Sketchbook

Hi, i thought i do a sketchbook for this year. Not sure how or what i should put in here but we will see how it works.

Plan for this year is to do more characters than last year. Making another Avatar (Neytiri) Fan artwork before the movie and game comes out to see if i can do it better now.

And some other projects are also on the list.

First thing i did this year is a weapon for my current character.


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So here is the clay render of the character.

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Not much time so here is an old WIP. Next month will be better and i also start here to collect random tips and tricks i discover along the way.
Already got some but need time to put them in a nice format.

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Took me long enough and currently recovering from covid.
Its not really finished but for now i move to other projects.

Hope to post more soon!

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New Character!


I made the shoes for her.

The in-between project.