3D Artist (3D Generalist)

We invite 3D graphics and open source software enthusiasts to work with us.

We offer
— autonomy at work, independent choice of the optimal solution
— professional development, assistance in training
— participation in creating relevant products

Candidate requirements:
— experience in using Blender - the 3D authoring tool (also GIMP, Inkscape)
— portfolio confirming candidate’s professional skills
— seeking continuous professional advancement
— ability to self-education
— neatness
— diligence
— successfully completed test task
— Linux working skills are welcome
— Authoring scenes in Blender - a 3D modelling tool - using the established workflow:
• high-poly modeling
• low-poly modeling and UV unwrapping
• texturing
• materials setup
• testing inside the engine, corrections at need

This is a full-time position, no freelance (yet). Our office is located in Moscow, Russian Federation, so you will need a permission to work. We also require completed higher education (or at the final year of studies).

Apply to the vacancy from this page http://www.blend4web.com/en/jobs/

It’s a shame that my english level it’s still low to work in a full-time position. if not, I would apply for it.
Russian is necessary? Because web for apply is in russian.

Good luck with your search.

PS: My next project will be something to test blend4web :slight_smile:

Russian is not necessary. We got several English speakers in our team. :slight_smile:

Check out the links in my signature to find some of the work I have done.