3D artist for a 3d paper car racing game. Post Paid/Sales Percentage.

Studio name: 4:8 Games Website: www.four8games.com

Project Title: Paper Car

Platform: Ios, Play Station and XBox

Genre: 3D driving adventure game.

Target Audience: Everyone


Paper Car will feature an origami style car made out of paper. Everything in the game will be made of paper, pencil, drawings, paint, cotton balls, staples and anything else that would be found in a classroom. The game will have two modes of play: free play and grandprix. The grandprix mode will have different race circuits each consisting of 5 race tracks and three different difficulty modes to choose from before begging. The game will also feature a customization mode where the player can buy things in the “store” with money won from winning and participating in races. The store is a separate section of the game where the player can buy pencils, various types and colors of paper, stickers, ect for use in creating there own paper origami race car. In addition to the Store new racers, race tracks and bonus material can be unlocked by winning the various race circuits in different difficulty modes.

Team Structure:

Creator/Head designer: Paul Perkins
Programmer: Brian Kellogg
Composer/Writer/Level Designer: Hannah Colvin

About Us:

4:8 Games is a small Indie Gaming studio and development team with a focus on Quality, Wholesome, Original and Fun games.

At 4:8 games we are dedicated to making fun and wholesome entertainment for gamers of all ages. This includes a wide variety of video gaming platforms including mobile devices. We avoid anything extremely dark, demonic, bloody, gory or magical. It is our sincere belief that “Christian” entertainment be fun, relaxing and enjoyable for everyone. We try to remain true to this sincerely held belief based on what the Bible says in Philippians Ch 4 Verse 8. To find out more about us visit www.four8games.com

Talent Required:

3D Artist, Game will be created using Unity

Function description

Team member will be required to keep in frequent contact at least every week by email or skype to exchange ideas, get new assignments and follow up on progress. Sketches outlined in the game design doc and level design will be given to the Artist to turn into 3d art assets for use in the game. The game will be built using the Unity game engine. experience with a 3D modeling program such as Blender is preferred.

Motivated and Skilled individual in 3D Art. previous 2d and 3d game art experience preferred but not necessary.


10 % cut in ANY sales from final game product if the game succeeds.

Contact: NOTE, Please send your resume, name and contact info.
E-mail: [email protected]
You can also apply for this posistion at www.four8games.com in the “join our team” tab.