3D Artist for Game Development


We are looking for a 3D artist to produce assets for a game which should be released late 2014. We, two German computer science PhD candidates, have developed two large casual games as paid work and founded our own start up game developer studio in June 2013. Our engine for 3D and physics based games is in development since early 2013 and is close to completion. With this engine we are about to produce a first skill game which should be released on web and mobile platforms. We are planning to produce a series of games based on that engine in the future.

We need low poly 3D models and textures for a variety of level themes, e.g., forest, underwater, …. Our aim is to produce a high quality game with consistent style and quality over the different themes. Our engine supports models and animation directly exported from Blender, therefore, we need a 3D artist capable of creating both. We also need some simple animated characters.

We are very enthusiastic about our work and can’t wait for our game to be born, always willing to do our best in order to create a perfect game experience. We are looking for someone who is sharing our spirit and who is also interested in long term cooperation.

If this sounds like you, please contact us via PN.

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