3D Artist for photorealistic, auto-adapting jeans model

Hi there

I am responsible for the 3D-Development with Blender at a european company.
We’ve developed a 3D Model of a humans lower part of the body wearing jeans.
The shape of this “human” model, and all related details like buttons, stitchings and so on adapt to real customer measurements. We do that using shapekeys.

At the moment the whole model looks quite good and it works as expected, but some details are missing. E.g. the back pockets, and also the shapekeys don’t produce always a good result.

We now are looking for an experienced blender artist which has good know how in developing photorealistic looking models as well as working with shapekeys. There is interesting stuff to do on our project, and our company might be a very good reference for you.

In the future, we want to model further models, so we are looking for a longer-term corporation.

Do you have the required skills and are you interested in the details? Please contact me via private message, shortly state your experience (show me your previous work!) and leave your e-mail such that we can get in touch.

Thank you and greetings

We do models for game characters.But can we change the software to Maya or 3dsMax?
Here’re our cases:http://game-silkroad.com/game_en/case.html