3D-Artist for RPG

We’re searching for 3D-Artists!Who we are? We’re a small development team of young game developers(1 programmer, 1 web-disigner, 1 story-designer).Our new project is a role-play-game called Fierce.
The Story: It is a terrible time: The Fierce God, ruler of Fiercana, kidnaps people of whole Arlaume and threats them as slaves. And the other 5 kingdoms do not dare to fight the creep. You are a slave of the king, who finally manages to break out. Now your mission begins:You have to unite the other kingdoms and start a Revolution in Fiercana! Visit humans, elves, aquilas, trolls and the ruins of an ancient kingdom on your way! Solve various main and side quests along the way, and fight like a true hero.
If you’re interested in joining us send us an e-mail: [email protected]

Please supply much more info on what this job actually is. What you have put is insufficient for a job posting.

I agree more info would be nice. But I’m a fan of RPG and this has piqued my interest.