3D Artist - Gun

Hey, I need an Artist who can build a Glock. I´m looking for every part of the gun that i can create a detailed gunsmith in a game.
All parts should be real parts from Gunshops.

That should be 38 Parts.

For details text me

and you have all the blueprints for that? is very hard to find blueprints of internal parts of such weapon…

i have some different bp with important main sizes and lists of all parts. I can use the references that i know to create a list with dimensions for each part. if some parts inside wont be the exacts scale isnt that important. nobody will measure that. it just should looking real

i can probably help you in this but in my free time only, and with poly modelling only and uv mapping, so no texturing or baking (probably if i have time i can do some simple texturing only)

texturing is no problem, thats something i can handle. i create the detailed list and send it to you tomorrow

thank you

You could 3D-print a real gun with that, could get you in trouble

nah cause i need the exact scale for everything to build a weapon without to kill myself xD
and there already exist a disambely simulator for guns on steam so i dont think i get into trouble.
but thanks that you care :slight_smile:

Hello there,
if still project is still going I could help you out all the way to the finish. You can send me whatever the reference you got and I will try to research the rest. :slight_smile:

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probably he can heklp you more quickly, ill be still busy with some work…