3D artist Job vacancy at Sherman3D Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.

Sherman3D Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian multimedia content development company specializing in anime/manga style artwork. We are currently looking for a fulltime 3D artist, skilled in Blender and preferably from Malaysia, to work on one of our upcoming game title, Alpha Kimori ( www.AlphaKimori.com ), that has the unique anime style of artwork. Our office is based in SunwayMas Commercial Center, Petaling Jaya (15-minutes walk from the Kelana Jaya LRT station) although we might be moving to Cyberjaya soon. If you are interested in this job vacancy, please e-mail us at: info at Sherman3D.com

Thank you.

I wish the new forum had a separate section for this kind of posts. Little by little, real job offers for Blender users are appearing up in Elysiun, and I think they are more to come.

Hi Sherman, you could try posting this at http://www.blenderjobs.com/ as well. Good luck!!

Thanks for the link, bigfoot. :slight_smile:

We are actually looking for people who can do
character models and also background art like
the ones you see at http://www.AlphaKimori.com and
also from our downloadable game tech demo:

The candidate will need to lowpoly model (about 2000 polygons), texture
and animate as you see in the game tech demo using
Blender. We need an artist who can emulate the exact style.

Thank you.

Just wanted to drop a line and tell you that this is an awsome tech demo. Just made me wish I lived close to there. Makes me think of Disney with the smooth textures

Yeah - that stuff look pretty cool, I also like your characters, very nice!

Hope you find someone competent.
Good luck.

Thanks for the compliments, guys! :slight_smile: We are still looking and for those of you who are not from Malaysia who applied, thank you again for the interest but we really cannot afford to pay ex-pat wages at this point of time.

Nobody else from Malaysia here who can do this? ^_^;;;

p/s: Was surprised when I couldn’t link to this thread but found out later that the forum has been upgraded. Congrats! :slight_smile:


It sounds like fun. I live in Canada, but for a project like this, I don’t think it is necessary to be in Malaysia.

I’m a professional animator, as well as a producer (like yourself). I’m working on a 3D Animated movie, but I may find some time… I slight possibity.

I saw your webpage, it is a neat idea. I too have similar aspirations, perhaps we can meet up in the future.

For now, I need to return to my project.

Good luck,

May I suggest you set up a Blender Club in Malaysia. That way you can attract talent, develop talent, and meet people with similar interests/skills.

I am contemplating setting up a Movie Club (live, 2D, 3D, commericals, etc)… but apart from my busy schedule, I find it unlikely until after I finish my movie.

Best of luck to us both!

Hi Sherman,
Awak tinggal di Jakarta. Awak sudah pernah bikin mobile Game (ski race) untuk Milka (Austria). Awak juga bisa jadi Modeler.
email : [email protected]
line phone : 62 21 7206041

SexyCinemaMan, it’s true that one need not be in Malaysia but I don’t think we can afford to pay someone from a country where the currency is stronger than the Malaysian Ringgit.

Good luck with your animation project and I do hope we can meet up one day! :slight_smile: Please do link me to your site if you have one.

Endagiri, Jakarta? May I know how much you charge for your services? A link to your online portfolio would be good too. Thanks!

Is this still available? :stuck_out_tongue: I live in Malaysia (penang area) and i’m interested in helping out :slight_smile:

Sorry, we already have a someone, ashraf. However, please do submit your resume and portfolio in case we need more people in the future. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Everyone, we have shifted our server so the game tech demo of Alpha Kimori can now be downloaded at:

Hello, Sherman. Just wanting to say that the screenshots of Alpha Kimori are looking great. What game engine are you using for this? What (prog. language) is it coded in?

Ooh, tech demo. downloads

Thanks, Firday13. We are using our own game engine and it was coded in C++. :slight_smile:

Well, just played through the demo, and I guess I don’t even have to wish you good luck. That’s just plain amazing, and even more so because of the small development team.

Thanks, Friday13! :slight_smile: We are going to need more Blender lowpoly 3D artists soon. If anybody is interested, please send your resume and portfolio to Info @ Sherman3D.com

Please do check your portfolio work is similar in style to what we do (we have had a few people send us highpoly work with super realistic furniture and household objects that are really good but not what we need). We need people who can do 3D modeling, texturing and animation. Anime style is preferable. We are looking for people in Malaysia and Canada (probably next year or so) if possible.

Although not directly relevant, we are also looking for 2D sprite artists and GUI artists. Thanks!


I’d just like to know where in canada you’ll need employees and if they would be able to work from home or if they’d need to work “at your place”. I currently have no similar work to present, but I guess I could adapt to this style and I’m always looking for job so!

anyway I’ll probably send you an email in the next days or so.

btw, I’m from montréal in canada

Hi Ecks,

Most probably in Vancouver as we are planning to set up there. It would be better if you are able to work on site. Quebec is pretty far away though. 0_0; I thought that there already plenty of game development companies in Quebec though?

Anyway, it’s good to keep in touch. :slight_smile: Thanks!