3D artist needed for music video

I’m a director working on a music video for a well known and established artist from NYC.

Over the past year I’ve become familiar with Blender myself, but have limited skills. So am looking for an artist who will be able to realise some concepts for this video.

I would require some short animated sequences.

These sequences will involve animating a rigged armature of a hand. As well as some Architectural design, as I would like to have shots of simply designed city streets. The artist would also need to be familiar and experienced with particle systems as I would like some animation of fire and smoke.

The artist is working independently and self releasing an album, therefore there is no budget for the video, which means this work will be unpaid, as is the work I am doing. However, the video will grant you considerable exposure to your work. The artist is well known and previous videos have generated over 200,000 views.

Get in touch if you’re interested, and we can talk more about the project.

I’m aiming to get the video completed by the end of the month. So I’m looking for someone who would be able to start straight away!

So who is this well known famous artists with no money?

I would rather not mention names at this stage. I’d prefer to wait until I have had some response and have started a private discussion with someone who is genuinely interested. I just think its more professional seen as this is a public forum.

And to clarify, being popular, well known, and even successful, doesn’t always mean you have large budgets. Especially if you are an independent artist without funding from a record label. I mentioned this because I’m looking for someone who would be willing to work for free, whilst at least knowing that people will see their work, and that they will gain some good experience.