3D artist to join community contest project

(Abracsis) #1

Hi. If your a 3D artist you may not know who I am.

I am working on a game for the blender games contest. It is primarily a space combat simulator set under the sea and this interface is almost complete. however there is need for a second lil person walking around interface, comparable to final fantasy 8 and such like.

I would like a good 3D artist to create backdrop level renderings, which i can make a character walk around and talk to people in.

I realise creating a still takes alot of times. but only a few locations are required.

This is less of a hiring of skills than a search for another team member (me, making the game, and another member creating the sound).

by the way, this game will be the winner, but without a walking around interface i cant do much to progress the story.

please realise a blender game will not be as long as a marketable game. but you can see what is done already, and thn decided whether you wish to join the team.

please reply to this post if you are interested.

ps, i’ve been making games with blender since 2.0 came out and am no amature, i’m just shit at locations.

(Bapsis) #2

Confused!!! :wink:

All the rest sounds really good tho, best of luck with it!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(belac) #3

what are you looking for as far as the scenes go? e-mail me a good description and i’ll let you know if i can be of some assistance to you.

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