3D Artist / Vehicle / Mid-Poly



We’re looking for experienced 3D artist who specialize in Vehicle Mid-Poly/Low-Poly Modeling.

  1. We’re looking for 3D artist specializing in Vehicles Modeling.
    Required skills: Retopology using snap-to or shrink-wrap. We’re pay attention to smallest details, that’s why we’re using custom normal transfer to match highpoly model as best as it can be (Data Transfer or YAVNE).

  2. Link to our beffio studio – beffio.com. We specialize in creation of real-time 3D Assets for Unity3D and UE4.

  3. We’re looking for Exeprienced 3D Artist.

  4. Project which you will collaborate with us is made for well known, world class automotive company. We expect precision, solid and clean looking work.

Please contact us at: Make sure to include link to your portfolio.
[email protected]

Thank you.
beffio team

(DDDesigners) #2

Hello everyone!
I’m sending my portfolio in your email. Thank you

(alf0) #3

this is my portfolio

(ved prakash) #4

Hello my portfolio is on www.3dartistved.weebly.com. thanx.