3D Artists needed for DATING GAME (SFW)


We are Digital Rustic, a team of dedicated creators using our spare time to make epicness! Currently, we are on the hunt for several, art related positions to work on our Family Friendly Dating Game. Here is who we’re looking for:

  • 3D Character Artists
  • 3D Environment Artists
  • 3D Prop Artist
  • Technical Artists/ Character Riggers
  • 3D Animators

This project is on a volunteer basis and all involved are working in their free time to produce a freeware title over the next several months. In this title, we are using a style inspired by Rankin Bass and modern animated films like Pixar

You can even play an early build of the game here:

If this sounds interesting to you, leave a comment or reach out on Discord (EvilChris#8129)!


~Chris of Digital Rustic Media