3D Audio Visualizer Test

This is my first ever Blender 3D animation!

It’s based off of this tutorial:

I have NO history in 3D/CG/artwork/animation because I am a music producer/audio engineer, but I wanted a good looking visual for a beat I made.

After Googling with not much luck, I figured I could make my own in Blender, as I’ve come across it before, but dazed by all the buttons and menus.

I wanted something simple but cool looking and effective. I did see this video and tried to make it, but no luck for me:

So after doing this visualizer, I’m inspired to actually dive into 3D animation to create visuals for my music, and possibly others in the future!!! I’m a creative person by nature, so I feel this is the next step for me since I’m getting ready to graduate with my audio engineering degree!