3D Authoring Tool Literature


I am looking for academic literature regarding the design (interface, concepts, etc.) of 3D authoring tools in general. I am specifically not looking for books that teach how to use X software, but rather one which is about how to create (code) such software and what some common approaches are, specifically regarding how the user ends up interacting with it and proceeds from thought to action.

tl;dr reason is college stuff. Plan is I write some 40 pages of analyzation and comparison of common modelling tools, to then use the knowledge gained from that in creating an experimental modelling tool prototype that supports multiple artists working in the same session, to test whether that is a good idea at all for boosting creativity (i.e. uncommon, non-studioesque approaches). I could probably write 80% of it from atop of my head, but they want the extra 20% and “the student learns how to do scientific research using specialist literature”. That, I am not opposed to at all, but so far I’m only finding very generic GUI design books.

So, does anyone know of any such works? Thanks in advance!

Additionally, it might help me to have some books on streamlined 3D art production for some useful quotes to argue why some tools are designed the way they are.