3D Blender 3D

I wanted to sell this model on the BlenderMarket for about $30 but my application to become a vendor has been rejected because of a poor portfolio. Like I said, I don’t really do much modeling. The model can now be purchased here. I decided to go with a flexible payment option so you can pay whatever you think its worth. There are always those who are unwilling to pay for anything blender related. If that is the case, It will also be available for free. This is a render of my “3D Blender 3D” Model. I been working on the model off and on for more than two months. I’m hoping to sell this model.

More info is available onmy blog.

Love this!! Not something one would think of normally! The irony, modelling the modelling software:spin:

Thanks! It’s kind of like Inception. Blender with in Blender!

nice idea… Why didn’t you put the default cube with the grid floor?

Very impressive. I think the default cube and grid floor would have pushed it over the top. Nonetheless, this is cool. I’ve watched it about 5 times now.