3D Blender Lounge and Chat

(acasto) #1

I am looking, along with others, to build a 3D Blender Users Lounge. We are looking at using Adobe Atmosphere http://www.adobe.com/products/atmosphere to make the first one. Then when NaN gets back up and we see where blender and the realtime situation will be going, we can look into possible making one for with the blender plugin. Unless someone has the capabilities and know-how curretnly to do this.

Atmosphere is curretnly in beta testing and free to download (should be for some time, in december the creators said a year), I will host it on iptic.com and make it to where users of the free spaces can set up there own 3D worlds, and we’ll link them from the main world. I am posting this now so that people can go ahead and get a feel for atmosphere if they like and see what it is all about.

It currently only runs on windows, I have been tracking browsers of visitors on my website and it seems to be about 2/3 windows. But I’m also working at getting the atmosphere browser to run under wine for linux users.

(acasto) #2

Well, some think that the blender route might be the best. If there’s a way to integrate a chat program or something then this might be good, so we could stick with Blender. What about bandwidth requirments ?

Or I might just throw one together on atmosphere, it would take about a half-hour, to keep the idea alive while the blender on is in project.