3D body scanning with smartphone [v. 0.1]

Hi Blender community,

Some time ago I asked here if a 3D body scanning app could be useful and got a positive response. We have now the first stable version ready and uploaded to Apple AppStore! So far it only works on iPhones X and later but we will support more in the future.

Check it out! https://apps.apple.com/us/app/in3d-io/id1467153183 . Any feedback is highly appreciated.


No chances for an Android port?

We plan to support Android in the future as well. So far we rely on the TrueDepth sensor available mostly in iPhones.


Hi! How do you make money with the app?

We will probably make export of the model paid at some point.

Will this app work with the Samsung Galaxy ToF sensor? ie. does the hardware support body scanning?

you mean Infrared camera dept ? Because some Android smartphone support this especially some xiaomi smartphones like pocophone f1