3D body scanning with smartphone

Hi, I am developing of technology for 3D body scanning with a smartphone in3d.io. I want to do it differently to photogrammetry: I want a person to rotate in front of the camera rather than taking photos of a person that stands still.

I wonder if you think it is something worth doing and if you would like to have a tool for getting body scans with a smartphone! Will be happy to get some feedback.

Of course it’s worth doing, it’s so worth doing it’s not even worth asking about it :stuck_out_tongue: . In the day and age of indie film and game projects increasing in scope, digital doubles and photoreal 3d character creation pipelines need all the miniaturization they can get.

My only questions would be: Would we be able to do more detailed scans of closer subjects? Isolated heads and hands, for example? Would we be limited to using the selfie camera?

Thumbs Up to your project, but - doesn’t the Samsung Galaxy ToF sensor already do it??

Samsung Galaxy ToF sensor already do it

It’s similar in a sense, but not exactly that!