3d Browser Application

Loyal Blenderer/Blendhead, full-time Art Director in advertising, wanting some dev pricing/help for a paid project.

Looking to get a quote for a dev to build out an in-browser application that lets users “build things” in 3d space - kind of like this http://usecubes.com/design, although technically it would require less functionality (no need for colouring, etc.). The main difference being the objects that are used to build out the structure are not cubes and consist of one specific joint shape and one (maybe two) type(s) of rods (imagine something like toothpicks and plasticine models you used to build as a kid).

Does this interest anyone? Anyone have experience in this? Or can someone point me in the right direction?

*Edit: Sorry if it is not clear, but this is definitely a paid project, but obviously the client would need to be comfortable with the cost before it would be green-lit. With that said, I don’t know if there are a lot of Blender Devs/Artists who work in browser with 3d, so I am also looking for advice as to where I could find a developer who would be interested in this project. I would love to help someone in the community get a paid gig if possible though, so I am hoping one of you are capable. Hopefully that is clear, sorry if it wasn’t before.

Send me a private message and I will respond ASAP. Thanks!

PM sent to you.

Have a look at this https://www.blend4web.com/en/ Maybe the guys there can help you with it, they have this superb Blender addon that easily allows exporting stuff to WebGL compatible browsers, that allows for some basic interaction/animation without coding and an API for advanced stuff through scripting.
I might be able to help with modeling/3D assets, I have some basic skills working with Blend4Web, but if the job requires coding or advanced web development it is definitely above my skill set.

threejs should be sufficient for the client-side part. You might even use pure webgl but it is a bit tedious.

Anyway you did not specify wether you intend the user to submit the result to a web service, which would require a web server + database.

You could also save the file using storage apis like local storage/indexedDB or construct a blob / data url to let the user download the result.