3D Building (Military Complex) needed

Hey there,

i am looking for someone to make me a 3D building on the basis of some concept arts.
My budget isn’t very high but it isn’t anything special either.
The model wont be used for anything commercial, so the artist could resell the model.

If you wan’t to see the Concept-Art or need any further information please send me a PN

Thanks a lot

Hi, I am a 3D modeler. I could create a high-quality building for you. Check for my PM.

Hello puelo,

I would be happy to help you here.

check my portfolio www.defianzedesign.com
Also, have a look at some of the latest vimeo animations I posted (i have a couple quick architectural visualizations mock-ups, each took 2-3 days of work).


Hello puelo,

I would be happy to help you here.

Have a look at my portfolio at http://www.defianzedesign.com.
I also have a couple quick architectural mock-up videos on my vimeo page - https://vimeo.com/user7310516, most of them took 2-3 days to create.

Hello, I sent you a PM.


i think i am capable of doing this job, you can check my turbosquid profile to check what i made already,

kind regards

I sent you a message on 15th of jan, waiting for any responce.