3d building modeler


this is a freelance job opportunity. We are a virtual reality company based in Montreal Canada. We are looking for people skilled in blender who can model existing/non existing buildings from plans provided by us. We use the buildings for real time applications so it is important that the level of detail remains relatively low within the geometry and that textures do most of the job.

We are looking for someone reliable who can deliver within a deadline and who is able to communicate by email during business hours.

Usually the process involves the following steps:

  • We send the information related to the project (plans, material sheets, reference pictures)
  • We decide on deadline with the freelancer
  • The freelancer sends an update every 1 or 2 days for the modeling
  • The freelancer works on materials and textures and sends an update
  • We check the final product and list necessary changes to be made (if any).

If you are interested or have any other question please include your portfolio link within the reply. People with no portfolio will not receive any response.


Hi I’m interested in the job. I’ve been working with modelling and rendering for architects so making buildings based on plans is exactly my cup of tea. You can see my architectural portfolio at: http://visfactoria.wix.com/visfactoria
I’m a freelance generalist, so making models with a tight poly budget and appropriate textures is also not a problem. Contact me via PM if you’re interested.

I am interested in working with you on this job. My portfolio is in my signature.

Hey, I have a passion for architecture and would love to be hired for this position. I have worked with several local architects on creating 3d renders for their projects. You can view some of my work at http://Alecp3D.com under the interior/environments tab. If your interested send me a PM or email me at [email protected] and I can get started whenever your ready! Thanks and have a good day.

I can do this! I have about 6 years of experience in blender modeling and more! and I have done a lot of architecture modeling and interior design… my email is [email protected] and my youtube channel is below

I’ve sent you a PM.

I would also be interested in this line of work, I am an architect and model buildings from drawings daily and although I do it mostly in 3DsMax at work, I have some experience in dong it in Blender too. I have made some simplistic real time demos and tests myself

Work Portfolio and Personal Portfolio

Contacts: PM or Gmail to duarte.framos

Nice portfolio!

Here is some of my work:https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/104827174076963191232/104827174076963191232/posts

Thanks, some pretty interesting stuff in yours too, BShep.

Thanks man!

Hi! I’m an young Italian Architect and I use Blender for all my works, everyday. I know, I’m far, but I can work when in Canada is night, you can send me the work in the evening and have them in the morning, might be a comfort for you! I manage modelling, texturing and lighting very well and I am fast and clean. Here is my portfolio http://issuu.com/ale.pare/docs/portfoliorender_alessandroparena , it’s in italian but fortunately the pictures speak for themselves.
Thank’s for your attention.


I am interested in working with you on this matter.
My last architectural modeling: here
Contact me by PM if you are interested.


I send you a pm, anyway we had a small update on our portfolio webpage!