3D Buzz Blender Game Engine VTMs?

I posted this over at 3d Buzz: http://www.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/showthread.php?t=180544 If you agree maybe you could join up and try and get 3d Buzz to make some videos by convincing people that blender is a worthy application.

All I can say about 3d Buzz is that in my experience there really is no better online training that I know of. I bought their 3ds Max video training DVD for $100 and it will literally turn you into a 3ds Max expert when you complete the training. So long as you can handle the 110 hours of training content they packed into that DVD.

If 3d Buzz did do some Blender game Engine VTMs (Video Training Modules) I can almost guarantee they would be the best training VTMs out there.

ok blender is awesome threr bugs in blender it not new techlogy so if 3d buzz have to learn blender they have tall them can get a pro gamer but it limit they have to push blender to the limit but you will not do like they do it be cuse it crash all the time if you not working in high in computer for get about it like orge ,crystal space are open sroce why not to a tutorial on them and use blender for modeling and use bge for testing then export but you can use for a pro blender but their not of video tutorial on advanced ai, bge pyhon ,more on pygame and advanced logic brick none just writhing one some are you can’t get it some you can love blender but i use know bge like that but they keep change it and i getting old can remember blender like i use to and now 2.50 is coming

I agree that the guys at 3dbuzz are awesome. They totally destroy anything similar from by gnomon. But Blender is under rapid development at the moment.
If I was them I would be considering it because there is clearly a market for their quality video tutorials, but I would hold off until things stabilize a little.