3D Calculation

I want to get a cube to move from one point to another in 3d space using linear velocity. I would need something that would tell me the XYZ increments it would take to move the cube from point A to point B at the force specified. Is there something built into blender for this? I cannot use IPO.

here try this :smiley: :



then click on file MoveToPosition.zip

Ive tried this a few times. It does not seem to move in the direction I would like. I am working in very small numbers and negative numbers could this affect that code?

yeaqh its only working with integers and specific floats at the moment :frowning: i will try to fix it what are you using for target location? another objects position?

I have found in games that if you scale everything down to very small it is easier to work with physics. Collisions also work better. I am trying to develop a script that handles any object as an elevator or transport. Its setup so that I have start, and end coordinates, and velocity in the properties of the elevator object. Then you just link up the script. Now the object should move from one to the next and back to the other. I could set it up to handle multiple coordinates eventually. I just need the mathematical calculation of a line in 3d space and I can incorperate it into my script.