3D cbbe body model for Blender 2.80

This is a cbbe female body model for blender 2.80 with skeleton and weights for use in Skyrim character modeling.not sure how useful it might be here but thought I would pass it on , might work for UE4 and other game platforms like Unity . weights for Skyrim are 100 or less , Skins for it can be found on Nexus.
3d cbbe body model for blender 2.8 with skeleton and weights-98111-1-1560149665.rar (976.7 KB)

Hello. this is a good idea for create animations on blender but unfortunately I don’t use cbbe so I ask you if it is possible to do the same with uunp please ? Thanks

don’t see why not, it is used in the game as character or for npc bodys

have to make sure its rigged might be able to use the cbbe rig on it if its not, assuming your trying to make a character for Skyrim.I will see if I can port a uunp model from Skyrim to Blender but as of now I haven’t found one ready to use , there are a bunch of blender models on this site but it is a NSFW site and (anyone that objects to adult material should not go there) it is an ADULTS ONLY site , I think one or more is a uupn but these are finished models , you might be able to use one for a body type you want and change or modifie it to suit your use .Other wise you will have to import a uunp nif file. There is just not alot out here yet for 2.80.

Most all UNP use the base female or 1st person female meshes…and also the XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended, so all can be downloaded from Nexus…as long as you use the XP32 skeleton you should be fine exporting the anim…

Thank you all info is helpful , and for those who want to add a tool or info please feel free to do so as I am a rookie at modeling both
in Skyrim and Blender .

Hello there, I don’know if you still active in this website or not but I want to know how do you do it because there are something that I want to edit in Blender but don’t know how to convert it to be able to use it in Blender.
If you still know or want to share how to do it, please answer.