3D challenge with an amazing prize!

We have a special challenge for you! Create a fun, realistic model of schwag including objects from hats to cups, business cards to pens, bags to toys – anything that could be used to add some text. What’s in it for you? Prize pool of 7500 USD: 6000 USD in cash and additional 1500 USD in subscriptions to great apps, as well as an opportunity to help bridging the gap between 3D and 2D communities. Learn more: https://www.cgtrader.com/challenges/3d-challenge-designer-schwag

  • All submissions should be single-subject model
  • Only Maya (.mb or .ma) and 3ds Max (.max) formats are accepted
  • Use quads rather than triangles or any other polygons: number of quads 10% - 20% tris, max of 5 edges
  • Single non-overlapping UV set per mesh
  • Real world scale objects
  • Use VRay Standard Material (VRayMtl)
  • Use PBR flattened textures: no layers, blends or procedural textures
  • Asset names should use Camel case, be descriptive of the model, and be consistent respective to all dependent files. Use English only.

There are quite some technical requirements to be an eligible contestant and prepare models the right way, but those modeling in Maya (.mb or .ma) or 3ds Max (.max and .3ds) are already one step in it :wink:

Only maya and 3ds max formats will be accepted.

Kind of a douchy move considering your advertising on a BLENDER website.

Inclusive much?

What fitz301 said.

Coming into a Blender forum and announcing a contest that only accepts files from Maya or 3DS Max sort of feels like discrimination…

My real feelings on this: Allow .blend files in your contest, or just go away. In fact, it feels like an insult, almost, to come in here and talk about your contest and not accept Blender files.

Maya does not open 3ds Max files and 3ds Max does not open Maya files, Maya does not come with V-Ray :smiley: This is just silly no matter how you look at it not only from the perspective of a Blender user. :smiley: They are limiting themselves without a reason. It would be logical to use a popular open format like OBJ without any materials with PBR textures.

There is a reason for it. That’s the inventory they need. Not that other stuff.

Legal: By participating in this challenge, you agree that:

Models meeting the technical requirements and aesthetic guidelines will be available for licensing on Adobe Stock under a CGTrader profile. The user can set price for the model on CGTrader, while Adobe Stock will reevaluate the price based on their benchmarks. However, the price for the end user will not be lower than $19.99 on Adobe Stock. For more information about 3D asset pricing visit the Adobe Stock FAQs.

Eligible models cannot be removed from CGTrader.com or Adobe Stock for a 6 month period following the end of the design challenge.


Come on, I wanted a Blender contest not Maya!

Well it’s not like it matters to me that much, but I still fail to see logic behind it. It’s not ‘that other stuff’ it’s the exact same stuff in a format available for many modelers who use other software than 3ds Max or Maya and V-Ray. OBJ format however is supported by Maya and 3ds Max and most of other software. They might have other reasons that are not apparent on the other hand - maybe they have some sort of a deal or relationship with Autodesk.

They can accept whatever format they want, but if they don’t intend to include blender users why the hell are they advertising it on a BLENDER forum?

This is a Blender Contest, and only Max and Maya accepted? Why hasn’t this post been deleted yet?

Yup. Not really a Blender contest. Closing.