3D character animations required for pre-rigged Blender character

Hi folks,Im looking for an experience blender character animator to add animations to a pre-rigged character for a Unity application.

The target 3d model can be found at http://opengameart.org/content/little-box-knight

Im looking initially for the following animations -ie idle,walk,run,die,fire arrow,over head sword swing.
Im not sure how much these animations would cost,so please include a price (per animation if possible) in your application.
Experience with character animating essential,with a link to previous portfolio.If interested,please get in touch.

Thanks in advance!

Hi mackpaddy.

That’s a neat looking character you have there, I’d be really thrilled to animate him! I will send you a Private message with my portfolio link and pricing strategy.


Very nice!

Does unity use animation keys? or are you using a rag doll + angle rot targets?
I can animate it fast, but also, what style of game? do you need combos? a “combo” animation can hold many animations that you can break off separately like use animation frame 16-27

I will do all of the animations for 100$ even, or 10 a piece as it will most likely take me @ the max 1 hour per animation,
as for die do you need some help with rag doll? http://unity3d.com/support/documentation/Components/class-Rigidbody.html

let me know what you think,